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Our Services


We are a full service estate liquidation company, offering a menu of services from on-site estate sales to complete estate buyouts. Our service area includes Metro St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding counties.

On-Site Estate Sales


An estate sale is a means of selling or liquidating all or most of the contents of a home or family estate. Our sales are generally held on-site in the home and open to the public, who has the opportunity to purchase items priced for sale. There are no upfront or hidden costs associated with our sales. Our fees are deducted from gross sales and you receive a check for the net proceeds within 5 days of the end of the sale.

During the free consultation, we will walk through the estate with you to assess your particular situation and determine the best plan for maximizing your proceeds. We will explain the entire process from beginning to end and answer any questions you might have. If you choose to hire us, we will review the terms of the contract and discuss next steps.


Depending on the size of the estate, most of our sales take 2-3 weeks to prepare and run for 2-3 days. During this time, our team of experienced professionals work tirelessly to research, appraise, and price the entire contents of the estate. Our design experts work with color, form, and function to create visually appealing displays and furniture groupings that also promote efficient traffic flow throughout the house.

Behind the scenes, our business and marketing team is advertising your sale through multiple channels, securing applicable local permits, and setting up our electronic point of sale (POS) system. Using our advanced barcoding technology, we tag every item with a unique barcode label. This system creates a smooth and efficient checkout experience for shoppers and provides you with an accurate and transparent accounting of your total sales.


There are no upfront or hidden costs associated with our sales. Our commission is deducted from the total gross sales. Within 5 days of the end of the sale, you will receive a check for the net proceeds of your sale. 

Estate Buyout


An alternative to an estate sale, an estate buyout occurs when the personal property of an estate is purchased by an estate liquidation company for a fixed amount. Under this model, we purchase entire estates, collections of items, and single items.


In some circumstances, an estate buyout may be a better option than an estate sale. An estate buyout is an excellent option if:


  1. The estate needs to generate immediate income;

  2. The estate needs to be emptied immediately in preparation for sale;

  3. The estate is in a condominium, apartment, or the HOA prohibits sales;

  4. Estate items are located in a storage facility;

  5. Family members do not want to have a public sale;

  6. The total value of the contents of the estate are not high enough for an on-site estate sale.

During the free consultation, we will assess your situation and determine whether an estate sale or estate buyout would be more economically advantageous to you. If you elect the estate buyout option, we will offer you a fixed amount of money for some or all of the contents of the estate. 

Our estate buyout service is a quick and convenient way to empty the contents of a house so you can move forward with settling other financial matters on behalf of the estate.


Consignment Service


Sometimes our clients are only looking to sell a single high value item or collection of items. Since the entire contents of the estate are not for sale, these situations do not warrant a full on-site estate sale.


Our consignment service is a quick and hassle-free option designed to meet the needs of clients who need to sell a single high value item or collection of items. Our estate specialists are happy to discuss whether consignment is a good option for your unique situation.


If consignment is recommended, our estate specialists will develop either an online or on-site customized consignment plan. This will largely depend on the nature and estimated value of the item(s) to be sold. Smaller high value items that are easily shipped may sell better online (via online auction or specialty marketplace), while larger, heavy items such as furniture may sell better on-site (included in one of our upcoming sales). 

Upon entering into a written consignment agreement, we will schedule a time to pick up your item(s). Our team of estate specialists will then fully research, price, and advertise your items for sale. As always, there are no upfront or hidden costs. Our fees are deducted from the gross sales of your items. After the sale, you will receive a detailed accounting summary and a check for your net proceeds.