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Frequently Asked Questions


When we meet for your free consultation, we will sit down together and discuss the entire estate sale process from beginning to end. Until then, these are some of our most frequently asked questions.

 01  What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is a means of selling or liquidating all or most of the contents of a home or family estate. The sale is generally held on-site in the home and open to the public, who has the opportunity to purchase items priced for sale. A professionally managed estate sale can be an invaluable resource for families who need to quickly empty an estate and/or liquidate assets due to relocation, downsizing, divorce, or the death of a loved one.



 02  How much does it cost?

There are NO upfront or hidden costs associated with our estate sales. We pay all the setup and operational expenses, including marketing and advertising, applicable permits and license fees, merchant processing for credit card transactions, staffing by our team of experienced professionals, and other administrative expenses. Our fee is deducted from the total gross sales of your event. You will receive a check for your net proceeds within 5 business days of the last day of the sale, along with an itemized summary of your sales for complete accounting transparency. 



 03  How long will it take to get ready?

On average, most estates require 2-3 weeks lead time to fully prepare for a successful and lucrative sale. During this time, our team of experienced professionals work tirelessly to research and price the entire contents of the estate. Our design experts work with color, form, and function to create visually appealing displays and furniture groupings that also promote efficient traffic flow throughout the house. Behind the scenes, our business and marketing team is advertising your sale through multiple channels, securing applicable local permits, and setting up our electronic point of sale (POS) technology for a smooth checkout experience and transparent accounting. 



 04  What do I have to do?

Nothing, we do all the work! Once the agreement is signed, we take care of every aspect of the sale from beginning to end. In fact, please refrain from discarding anything or throwing anything away in preparation for our team's arrival. Those old stacks of magazines or piles of junk in the basement just might contain a valuable or collectible treasure! 



 05  How long are your sales?

Most of our sales are two-day events that take place on Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally, a larger estate will warrant a three-day sale that begins on Friday and runs through Sunday.

 06  Do I need to be moved out of the house?

In order for our team to prepare your estate for a successful and profitable sale, we maintain a no-resident policy between the day the agreement is signed and the last day of the sale. There will be a flurry of activity while our team is working to prepare the contents of the estate for sale, and we simply need space to work. The process of liquidating an estate can be an emotionally difficult time for many people, so we ask that family members refrain from being on the premises altogether during the days and weeks leading up to the sale.

 07  Can I be present at the sale?

Because this is often an emotionally difficult time for people, we ask that family members refrain from being on the premises during the sale. Personal property often holds sentimental value, and being present to witness its sale can cause emotional distress. In our experience, the presence of family members during a sale often creates an uncomfortable situation for the family members themselves, the staff, and the shoppers. This can have a significantly negative affect on the overall success of your sale.

 08  Do you allow previews or pre-sales?

No. We work hard to maintain our outstanding reputation as a fair and professional estate sale company. For this reason, we do not hold items for customers or facilitate purchases prior to the start of the sale. 

 09  What happens at the end of the sale?

After the sale has concluded, we will leave the estate in "broom clean" condition. "Broom clean" is a real estate term that simply means we will sweep or vacuum the floors and remove our equipment, displays, and any debris or trash associated with the operation of the sale. 

While our goal is always to maximize your proceeds by selling as much of the contents of the estate as possible, there may be some items that remain unsold. Because we always operate with professional integrity, we firmly believe that all unsold items remain your personal property. We do not keep or resell unsold items for our own financial gain. Rather, we will provide you with a list of charitable organizations that provide free donation pick up services (don't forget to ask for a charitable donation receipt!), as well as local cleanout companies who can assist with hauling away items that cannot be donated. On the rare occasion that an item of significant value remains unsold, we can also discuss consignment options for selling those items after the sale.

Within 5 business days of the end of your sale, you will receive a check for the net proceeds of your sale.

 10  Are you bonded and insured?

Absolutely! We are fully bonded and insured to cover accidents that may occur on your property, as well as protection in the unlikely event that your property is damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Please note that for your protection and that of our shoppers, we also require documentation of an active homeowner's insurance policy.