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Who We Are


Four Seasons Estate Sales is a family owned and operated business, co-owned by the husband and wife team of Dave and Ann Herman. Their combined business experience, expertise in the antiques industry, professionalism and compassion makes Four Seasons Estate Sales a smart choice for consumers in metropolitan St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding counties in Missouri.

Dave & Ann Herman

Co-Owners and Estate Liquidation Specialists



Dave and Ann are the husband and wife team who have been sharing their passion for antiques and vintage treasures together for nearly twenty-five years. Dave's interest in vintage restoration was evident early in life, when he began collecting and restoring classic muscle cars. After they married, the duo found enjoyment in acquiring and studying a whimsical collection of antique toys. Today, Ann is passionate about vintage kitchenware, while Dave is a subject matter expert on antique firearms and militaria.


As business professionals and experienced antique dealers, Ann and Dave offer a level of professionalism and expertise that is second to none. With a master's degree in business administration and over twenty years managing the operations of a successful service business, Dave masterfully orchestrates every detail of a Four Seasons estate sale and employs innovative business and marketing strategies to increase sales and maximize your net proceeds.

In addition to their business acumen, Ann and Dave also understand the emotional aspect of the estate sale industry. For many families, liquidating an estate can cause emotional distress and evoke feelings of grief, sadness, or loss. With a master's degree and over twenty years working as a licensed counselor, Ann understands the stages of grief associated with the loss of a loved one, the angst that can be associated with divorce, or the sense of loss and upheaval that often comes with relocation or downsizing. 


Together, Dave, Ann, and the entire Four Seasons team are experienced and compassionate professionals who will listen to your needs and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.